Myna Loane

Wanting calm, pleasant service? Wanting a variety of selection? Want to escape into a little oasis of chocolate?

Annagrets is the destination for you.

Just visited them yesterday for the first time and now know where I’ll be returning. Staff were gently attentive. Selections of hand crafted chocolates were available in both milk AND dark chocolate! Displays of chocolate were a visual delight (and well labelled).

I was delighted to see the variety of chocolate Christmas characters – in different sizes! Angels, Santa, trees, animals, others I haven’t seen elsewhere . . . quite European. I noticed they had packages tailored to different professions (ie: doctor).

Flavour and freshness – yup. The full size dark chocolate sample I was given left me wanting more. As I was trying to narrow down my truffle selections, I noticed a chocolatier bringing out just-made truffles to refill rows that were selling fast.

Added bonus: no loud music piped into shop! 😀

Annegrets is more than a chocolate shop; it’s an experience. Slow down, take time to browse, enjoy.