Allergies & Nutrition

We cannot guarantee the presence or absence of trace elements of any nuts, spices or dairy products.

If you have food allergies we suggest you consult your doctor before you purchase any Belgian Chocolates.

For any questions concerning ingredients please contact Annegret’s Chocolates.


Vegan Chocolate

  • All dark chocolate bars and molds
  • Dark nut clusters
  • Dark marzipan
  • Kirsch
  • All dark bark

Gluten Free

  • All our chocolate is gluten free
  • Only chocolates which contain added products such as cookies or pretzels are not gluten free

Dairy Free

  • All our dark chocolate is dairy free
  • Only our No Sugar Added dark chocolate could contain traces of milk protein or milk


  • All of our chocolates contain soy lecithin as an emulsifier (0.5%)


  • Nuts Because we roast nuts in our kitchen all our products could contain traces of nuts and should not be consumed by someone with a severe nut allergy. We sanitize every machine or tool which comes in contact with nuts but like mentioned traces of nuts cannot be guaranteed.


  • None of our chocolates contains eggs.
  • Eggs are only used for baking some of our cookies.