About Annegret’s

Annegret has made her passion to create  delicious chocolate  her full time mission since 1997.

In order to be able to offer the quality she wants for her customers she opened her own chocolaterie in 2002 in Kelowna, BC,  where she was so successful that she won the Rising Star award for new small businesses.

Annegret’s philosophy of focusing on  quality and customer service created a loyal following of customers. It’s our core belief that ethical and respectful relationships with customers and employees are the foundation of a successful business. 

We use only the best available ingredients for our handmade chocolates and avoid any artificial sweeteners and food colouring. Whether you just like a plain but delicious chocolate bar or a gift box with an amazing variety of chocolate truffles you will find everything a real chocolate lovers heart desires. Our focus in creating chocolate treats is taste and quality and not empty marketing slogans or fashion trends.

For private and business reasons we decided with a heavy heart to close our chocolaterie in Kelowna and move our production and our store to Medicine Hat in Alberta.

We created a new store in Medicine Hat where people can get a huge selection of different shapes and chocolate specialities. In the warmer months we also offer fresh Gelato in our store. The warm welcome and support we received in Medicine Hat is amazing and makes us feel welcome.

Customers from Kelowna and BC can still get their chocolates from Annegret’s Chocolates.

All customers who signed up for being on our VIP list get free shipping for orders over $60, as well as the privileges of our Chocolate Club members.

For online purchases we offer products which are safe to ship. In our store in Medicine Hat we offer a huge variety of shapes and chocolate gifts.

If you are looking for a chocolate which is not listed on our webpage feel free to send us an email or call our store.

We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook where we regularly post the newest offers and updates